Alaska's Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement SEIS .

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
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   Project Documents

Final SEIS

ASAP SEIS Final Executive Summary


ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 1 Purpose and Need

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 2 Alternatives

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 3 Affected Environment

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 4 Environmental Consequences

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 5 List of Preparers and Persons Consulted

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 6 Distribution List

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 7 Literature Cited

ASAP SEIS Final Chapter 8 Index


Appendix A - Part I and Part II

Appendix B - Draft Programatic Agreement

Appendix C - CWA 404 Permit Figures

Appendix D - Identification and Evaluation of Time-Dependant Route Geohazards

Appendix E - Parts I II III and IV

Appendix F - Stream Crossings

Appendix G - National Hydrologic Dataset Waterbodies within 1 Mile of the Proposed Project and Route Rev Supplement

Appendix H - FEMA Floodplain Maps

Appendix I - Project Footprint Mapbook

Appendix J - ASAP Fish Stream List

Appendix K - Part I and Part II

Appendix L - ASAP Air Quality Emissions_Regulatory and Support Documentation

Appendix M - Parts I II and III

Appendix N - Parts I II and III

Appendix O - Effect of Climate Warming

Appendix P - Analysis of Subsistence Impacts

Appendix Q - ASAP Comment Analysis Report

Appendix R - ANILCA Section 810 Analysis of Subsistence Impacts

Appendix S - Fugitive Dust Control Plan


Additional Project Documents


Notice of Availability for the Alaska Standalone Pipeline Project Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement


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