Alaska's Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement SEIS .

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
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ASAP US Army Corps of Engineers 404 CWA Joint Permit Application

Appendix A - Clean Water Act 404 Permit Figures

Appendix B- Project Impact Footprint Figures

Appendix C - Adjacent Property Owners List

Appendix D- 2016 Wetland Delineation

Appendix E - Right-of-Way Lease Stipulations

Appendix F - Project Footprint Geographic Information System


Appendix G - Dredge and Disposal Plan


Appendix H - Stream Crossing Table


Appendix I - Essential Fish Habitat Assessment


Appendix J - Biological Assessment


Appendix K - Web Viewer User Guide


Appendix L - Project 404 Map Book


Appendix M - HPOI Crossing Table


Final ASAP SEIS Scoping Report

The Corps acknowledges receipt of stakeholder comments after the official close of the comment period on October 14, 2014. While these comments have not all been summarized in the 2014 ASAP SEIS Scoping Report, they are being considered during preparation of the Draft SEIS.

2014-11-18_ASAP SEIS Scoping Report
Appendix A_ASAP Notice of Intent
Appendix B_ASAP Scoping Mtg Legal and Public Notices
Appendix C_ASAP Public Scoping Mtg Sign-In Sheets
Appendix D_ASAP Agency Scoping Mtg Sign-In Sheets
Appendix E_ASAP Comment Summary Report
Appendix F_ASAP Scoping Mtg Transcripts
Appendix G_ASAP Comment Submissions

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