Alaska's Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement SEIS .

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
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ASAP Pipeline Route
Comparison Between 2012 (Rev 5) and Current Route (Rev 6.1)

ASAP Fairbanks Lateral

Comparison Between 2012 (Rev 3) and Current Route (Rev 4.1)

AGDC Interactive Map Viewer Here

Project 404 Mapbook 1:20,000

ASAP Mapbook

A: ASAP Mapbook
Mileposts 0 to 127

B: ASAP Mapbook
Mileposts 127 to 256

C: ASAP Mapbook
Mileposts 256 to 372

D: ASAP Mapbook
Mileposts 372 to 494

E: ASAP Mapbook
Mileposts 494 to 613

F: ASAP Mapbook
Mileposts 613 to 733

G: ASAP Fairbanks Lateral
Mapbook Mileposts 0 to 30

ASAP Mapbook Dockhead 3




ASAP Mapbook Gas Conditioning Facility

ASAP Mapbook Access Road Camps Storage Yards





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